Roof Blast Cleaning:

We use water efficient, high-pressure blasting nozzles to remove mould, mildew and discolouration to restore your roof tiling to it’s former glory.

Roof Repair, Restoration and Preventative Maintenance:

Anything from simple cracked Roof Tiles to Storm Damage or Accident Damage, we remove and replace with matching tiles, inspect your roof structural integrity.

Cracked Roofing Tiles are not just a cosmetic nuisance – they can lead to rain leakage, which in turn can mean damage to your lighting and electrical circuits, mould and mildew in roof insulation and ceilings, and even rot in roof beams and struts causing structural risk! Don’t let it get that far!

We can perform preventative roof maintenance and repairs to potentially save you thousands of dollars in roof repairs later, and prevent risk to your familys’ safety from structural collapse from rotten support beams and Air-borne and Rain water-borne Health issues from Mould and Mildew in roof cavities.